Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday, I saw 2 very interesting and totally unrelated things. Well, being in a rural location probably works in my favor. We'll say "rurality" links them.

The first was on my way to work. I think the reason it made such a big impression on me was because it was turning left in front of me and I had to slow down for the entire thing to clear my lane. It was a large pickup truck pulling a big camper trailer pulling a boat on a trailer. It was more like a train than a truck. Which leads me to a question: Is it really legal (or safe) to pull that many things behind one vehicle? If so, is there a limit other than the one imposed by the horsepower of the towing vehicle? If he had wanted and his truck could handle it, could this guy have added another trailer full of 4 wheelers or dirt bikes to his train? It just made me wonder.

The other interesting sight was on the way to the high school to get Em's reading list (that we just found out about!) I was on Cook's Corner Road and a hawk flew right over the hood of the car. I see them on utility wires quite often, but not usually that close or that low. The thing that really caught my attention wasn't so much the hawk itself, but the snake it was carrying! I am SO thankful that the hawk was able to keep a grip on it and not drop it on my hood!

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  1. I know you can pull a camper and a boat. I do not remember what the specifications are. My bro would pull a 32 ft camper and a bass/ski boat. He did use stablize bars. We tried pulling a smaller camper with a bass boat. We were on the news.