Friday, July 31, 2009

Shake Your World

This was my last kid's camp. I started going to Kid's Camp when our eldest was a 3rd grader. She'll be 21 in November!! In all those years, last summer was the only one I missed. This year the theme was Shake Your World. If we love God, love our families, and love our friends and others, we really can change the world. The past several years, we've gone to Waukaway Springs. This year we went to Twin Lakes Camp in Florence.

These guys look like they are plotting something, don't they?

El and my youngest nephew had fun at the waterfront.

Here's El on the zipline.

This was called the redneck water slide. It is a pool liner spread out on a hillside. With a little assistance from a few bottles of soap and a fire hose, it works pretty well for kids and adults.

I did something this week that I never thought I would: I climbed a 7-story fire tower...
...of my own free will!
This is the view from the bottom:
But this is the view from the top!!
Wow! I'm glad I went up there!
El took my picture so Mr. H would believe I made it. He knows me well. (My hair doesn't look that short in my mirror, but my brother did comment that his was longer than mine!)
We had a great time at camp.

You can see all the pictures I took here.

Now to wash all those clothes and repack them for vacation. White-water rafting, here we come!

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