Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fear and Faith

As I sit and write this, I'm not speaking from my own experience, but from observing friends around me. I have a friend who, at this very moment is at UAB while her 12 year old son is receiving cancer treatments. I have another friend who is wondering which of his co-workers will be unemployed by the end of the day. There are things to be afraid of in this world.

And yet, God is in control. He knows the answers. Nothing surprises Him. He can do ANYTHING!

Isn't that an amazing thought!!


...the possibilities are absolutely endless...

So what are we supposed to do?

Simply whatever He asks us to do. And what is He asking me to do? you ask.

It's right there in His Word to us:

Trust Him

Love each other

Don't hold on to the world too tightly,
because we're just passing through,
after all.

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  1. Mrsh you sure are a powerful Lady!! Thank you for your belief's you remind me of a good friend that I grew up with that past away a few years back. She fought cancer for 20 years, but her faith never waivered. She like the rest of us had our bad looks, wasn't the class favored and was made fun of behind her back. So many of those same people came to her visitation. May God continue to Bless you Sweet Lady!!