Sunday, July 26, 2009

El's Kitty Pictures

El loves to take pictures of our cats. Her camera is full of them. A few nights ago, she took one of Grisabella on the back of my rocking chair, so I thought I'd check out the collection of kitty pics.

This can't be comfortable.

Mrs. Jones likes the eldest's bed.

She also likes El's bed.

Gris likes to hide in El's bed. (Awww....)

I know...this borders on terminally cute.

Mrs. Jones is not fond of having her picture taken. You have to catch her unaware.
(go back and look at her eyes in the previous pictures, if you don't believe me!)
She usually looks like this:

This is about as close as Gris and Mrs. Jones ever get without spitting at each other.
Look, Gris' tail is almost touching Jonesy's back.

Uh, oh ... terminal cuteness again.

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  1. I love the kitty pics. I agree how did tht cat straddle the back like that. It did not appear to be too comfy.