Monday, August 17, 2009

From a Pain in the Neck to a Warm Globe

Last night at church I had a really bad headache. It was one of those that keeps you from processing thoughts and therefore odd stuff comes out, instead of your well-reasoned, intelligent responses. In addition to the headache, my neck, shoulder, back and tailbone hurt, too. My best remedy for all that was a warm bath.

So that's where I was after church last night. My favorite smelly bath salts had been used up by one (or several) of my daughters. As a next-best substitute for aromatherapy, I squeezed some of the shower gel that came with my favorite perfume (Green Tea, by Elizabeth Arden) into the water. Not bad, considering I'm not fond of bubbles. I usually bring a book with me, but my head hurt and I didn't think "The Devil's Punchbowl" set the proper tone of relaxation that I was trying to achieve. So I just closed my eyes and hoped that I didn't fall asleep and drown.

So, now you get to make another trip down my stream of consciousness. I started out with a pain in my neck and ended up with a Warm Globe, as our Creator intended it. I even diagrammed it later that evening so I'd remember the connections.

As I was lying in the water, I was thinking how nice Green Tea smells and how lovely floating is. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to float all the time. Ideally, the water should be salt water, to provide more buoyancy, but most oceans are a bit too chilly to stay in permanently and the wave action might wash over your head and that could be unpleasant, too. Maybe one of those floating lounge chairs would work. But not an inflatable one. I wouldn't want to risk a puncture, loosing the air that's keeping me afloat. Maybe something made of foam. What did they use in that Kevin Costner movie with the floating cities? And where did all that water come from anyway? That could never happen...wait, that DID happen once! So, where DID all that water come from? Well a good bit of that water came from the heavens, the atmosphere. Had to be a pretty think atmosphere to provide rain for a solid 40 days. A thick atmosphere, kind of like in a green house. Hey! That sounds like God created the earth with lots of green house gasses and a warm atmosphere. And we lived longer when the earth was like that... and the ocean was probably warm and I wouldn't have to worry about hypothermia while I was floating in my nifty foam chair in the salty water.

And I bet it smelled nice, too.


I love it when a thought process comes together to show us how much God loved us from the beginning.

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