Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Vacation pictures

El doesn't really have a outlet for her pictures: no facebook account yet! So I always save her pictures into a folder with her name on it, so she'll know which ones she took (or at least were taken with her camera!)

I don't think she realized that we were going to the mountains until we got there. This is her first trip (that she remembers) that involves mountains.

Here's her first glimpse of white water.

We took a side trip to Fontana Dam. This is the view from the top of the spillway.

Mr. H took this picture of all the girls. We appear to be posing for some other camera, but really the sun was in our eyes, so we decided to look off in another direction. (Our eldest has been taller than me since she was in the fifth grade. I'm hoping that Em and El grow a bit more because I'm still a little taller than both of them.)

I imagine that if a troll lives under this bridge, this is his front door.
This is an island on the lake side of the dam. When we were here 2 years ago, the water level was quite a bit lower. At that time, this island rose a lot higher from the surface of the water and had a wide edge of red mud around it.
Here's Mr. H sporting his Famous Maroon Alumni Band shirt.
I rather like this picture of the girls.

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