Thursday, August 6, 2009

Whitewater Vacation

After a 19 year break, we took the family camping again. Honestly, I think the eldest was 18 months old the last time we had a family camp out. We decided early this summer that it was time. We bought Mr. H a tent for Father's Day to prove we were serious. The location was pretty self-evident. Em went white water rafting on the church youth camp trip this summer and the rest of us wanted to do it, too. Mr. H and I had been in this area a few years ago when we went on our first bike trip. We knew we'd eventually bring the girls back here.

The Nantahala at Patton's Run.
The temperature of this water is about 54 degrees! Brrrr!

I found links to a couple of pictures of us on the river: guided and unguided. (Okay, I've discovered that these links change randomly. But I think they take you to the correct pages. Look for img #915 for our guided ride on 8/3/09 and img #444 for the unguided ride on 8/4/09.)

Em, The Eldest, Mr. H, and El

Turkey Creek right beside our campsite.

Our home for the next 3 nights. (no shoes allowed inside)

We were about 3/4 of a mile from Fontana Lake. The trail to the lake was through the woods and took us right above our campsite.
We had the lakefront all to ourselves. It was great. And not nearly as cold as the Nantahala!

I'm glad the girls had the time to spend together.

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