Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Didgeridoo

My didgeridoo is finished.

Mr. H did all the mechanical stuff (cutting, heating, fixing the spray paint can) and I did the rest (painting and making the wax mouthpiece).

It's made of a piece of 2" PVC that is about 4 feet long. We belled out the bottom a tiny bit by heating it and stuffing a bottle into the end while it was soft.

We did the same thing in reverse by tightening a hose clamp around the other end after heating it. Krylon makes a spray paint especially for plastic and that's what we sprayed it with. The color is Sun-dried Tomato. I wasn't too sure I'd like that color, but it's not bad. Then I just free-handed some graphic designs, mostly dots. The mouth piece is melted paraffin wax that has been pressed around the top to seal better against your face/mouth.It looks pretty cool. I just wish I sounded as good as my husband. If it's a musical wind instrument, he can play it.

Didgeridoos don't really have a wide range. They are mostly drone instruments. The technique is mainly blowing raspberries into it. The kids will have fun!


  1. Good job mrs. h
    I'm going to use this project for my adult VBS class next week. The instructions say use a 2.5 inch pipe but that seems really big to me, I see you used 2" any thoughts on which way is best, I love your paint job thanks for sharing.

  2. The 2 inch pipe worked very well. Any bigger and I wouldn't have been able to play it. The wax around the top makes a BIG difference, too. Main thing to keep in mind when playing it is to keep your mouth relaxed. Sticking your bottom lip out seems to help, too.