Monday, April 11, 2011


Mr. H is in Peru this week.  Right now he is in Canta, which is 107 km (a bit more than 66 miles) northeast of Lima, which happens to be where his luggage is.  But Delta says he should have clean clothes tomorrow.

I saw Facebook posts by him last night and this afternoon, but we haven't been able to connect since Sunday morning (during Sunday School, while I was manning the Children's reception desk, but I WAS chatting with a missionary on the field, now, wasn't I?)

With technology, distance is skewed.  Even though we were using the written word to communicate Sunday morning, it was a real conversation.  Many long years ago, the summers when we were in college, we exchanged letters (which I still have by the way!) but they weren't really conversations.  They were narratives.  I told him what I was doing, how I was feeling,  how much I missed him.....  He told me about his job, trips he was planning, how much he missed me....

A conversation flows back and forth quickly.  I ask:  he answers.  He says something funny:  I respond appropriately.  That immediacy makes you forget the distance, which I was going to tell you after I looked it up on google maps, but apparently you can't get there from here, because this is what I got for directions:  We could not calculate directions between Lucedale, MS and Lima, Peru. I figure somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 miles.

Hmmm.....Where was I?
I think I got lost somewhere between here and there.

There was a point to all this, but what it was escapes me now.  Maybe that is the point.  With him so far away, I feel . . . That's just it. . .  I don't know exactly what it is that I'm feeling or thinking.  It's as if the North Pole has disappeared, and my compass is just drifting around.

note: it just proves how drifting I was when I wrote this that I let the phrase "I have saw" appear in public.  Thankfully, I saw it today (4/12) and fixed it.  *shudder*

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