Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recognizing What You Need

Today, I read the account of David's anointing and Saul's decline.  1 Samuel 15:27-16:23

Saul was so disobedient that God just couldn't stand it any longer.  He had His prophet Samuel go to Bethlehem to anoint another as king.  As soon as David was anointed, God's Spirit came on him.  And at the same time, that Spirit left Saul.

Verse 16:14 says that an evil spirit from the Lord tormented Saul.  I'm not sure what to make of that.  Maybe the Lord didn't intervene when the evil spirit came, therefore allowing it to remain. 

Maybe the evil spirit's name was "Emptiness."  Saul knew what the presence of God's Spirit felt like.  What did His departure feel like? I don't ever want to know!

On the other hand, when the Spirit is with someone, other people notice.  One of Saul's servants had seen David and knew that something was different about him.  When David played his lyre for Saul, relief would come to Saul.  I can't help but believe that he could sense in David's music the very Presence that was missing in his own life.  He may not even have been aware of it.  If he had recognized it, he would have probably tried to kill David right then.  Yet Saul was comforted by David being there.

Is there a Spirit in you that brings comfort to those who don't know Him?  The world should be able to sense that Presence in those who call themselves Christ-Followers.

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