Friday, April 8, 2011

The Long Journey

For the last few days, I've been talking about journeys that we take in life.

Some are short trips that we take everyday:  to school, to work, to the mall.  The Lord knows we make those journeys and He has a plan for them.  He knows the people we will see and talk to.  He is there with us.  He wants us to include Him in every aspect of our lives.

Today, let's look at a different kind of journey from the station.  Sometimes you get on the train and you know you're not coming back, at least not to the station you started from.

I have some friends who have made that kind of journey.  They started at Vacation Bible School and ended up in Lima, Peru.  Quite a journey, don't you think!!  You can check out their blog here.  They have learned a new language and new customs.  They have made a life in a new place.

And there is yet another type of journey:  a journey that leads you to a place where there are no stations.  That's what Mr. H is doing this week.  He is going to Peru to see those missionary friends.  But they are going farther than Lima.  They are headed up into  the mountains to places where there are no churches.  They are building relationships with the people who live there, to tell them the Good News.  Eventually there will be churches there, and they will act as train stations, sending out travelers on short journeys and maybe even some long ones.

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  1. Wow! We're excited for you both, and will pray for a safe journey for Mr H. and your friends!