Saturday, April 9, 2011

Feeding My Addiction

My name is Mrs. H and I'm a yarnaholic.

I had to take Mr. H to the airport yesterday and Hobby Lobby is just 2 blocks farther down Airport Blvd.

I couldn't help myself.  I bought a book with 40 sock/ slipper/ legwarmer patterns in it.  There is even a pattern for the cutest little ladybug baby booties that I intend to make for a friend's expected granddaughter!  I can't wait to see how they turn out.

But first of course, I'll have to attempt some basic tube socks before I try something more complicated.

See, any excuse works!  And what did I ask Mr. H to bring me back from Peru?  You got it:  local yarn.

I hadn't really acknowledged the addiction until our Spring Break get-away last week.  I had planned on doing free hair wraps  as part of our beach ministry.  Well the rain, 20 mph winds and 50 degree temperatures put the nix on that.  We (I) decided that we'd take the mission to the outlet mall in Foley.  After all, when you can't go to the beach in Gulf Shores, shopping is the next best thing. 

So we made salvation bracelets to hand out to shoppers.  I had the necessary supplies packed with the craft stuff intended for our beach mission.  I showed the kids how to put them together and we made them until we ran out of the leather cord.  I even got to do a few hair wraps on the girls that were on the trip (and for one of the guys, but that's a different story!)

That night, after the trip to the mall, I was talking to one of the other mom's.  We started talking about things we just couldn't pass up when we saw them in a store.  I admitted that I couldn't go down the yarn aisle in Hobby Lobby without buying something.  And I had now been 3 days without touching knitting needles.

She started laughing!  She pointed out that the hair wraps for the girls and the bracelet making for the mall had all been ways of feeding my addiction.  And she was right! 

I'm so glad my Creator gave me the desire to make things.  And I'm glad that He lets me use that desire to spread His love.

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