Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Care About You - VBS Day 2

Day 2


Today's story is from John11:1-3, 17-44
Jesus cares for Mary, Martha, and Lazarus

Truth learned from today's story:
"When we accept God’s promise to care about us, we know that He shares our pain-just as He shared the pain of Mary and Martha.  And yet, in the midst of that pain, we can be confident that God knows what is to come.  Even though we may not understand the struggles that we face, we know that God cares about us."

Today's memory verse - 1 Peter 5:7 Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.”

Have you ever been down in the dumps?  We use the word down for when we’re feeling bad.  Have you ever been on cloud 9? Clouds infer sky which is up.  We always think of Heaven as up.  We can make some sad paper scraps or Rice Krispies get happy with static electricity.
Most things (like you, the wall , a soda can, stuff on a paper plate...) have a positive static charge.  When we rub a balloon on our hair or the wool on a PVC  pipe, we build up a negative static charge.  What happens between opposite charges (like N and S on a magnet)?  They attract.
Electrons will rub off some objects and stick to the surface of others. Regular electricity flows, but static electricity is “static” which means not moving.  It sits on the surface of the pipe or the balloon.
Rub a balloon in your hair.  Hold over a paper plate filled with tissue paper scraps or Rice Krispies. (The link says use a record album, but the balloon works much better and is easier to acquire.
Move the balloon over a child’s head (light colored hair works better.)
Make the balloon stick to the wall
Make an empty aluminum soda can roll across a table top.
It’s all because the balloon has extra electrons.  It wants to give those electrons to all the positively charged things, so they move together.
The charged balloon can alter the flow of a small stream of water from the tap.
Tie 6 small strands of tinsel together at each end.  Charge the PVC pipe or a balloon by rubbing it in your hair or with a wool glove. Drop the tinsel onto the balloon or pipe. The tinsel is attracted to the negative charge.  Then, when it touches the pipe, it picks up the negative charge.  What happens between like charges?  They repel.  Even the individual strands of the tinsel are repelling each other.  That’s why it looks like a ball.

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