Thursday, October 4, 2007

Middle Child

Our middle child has been neglected. She always does everything well, so we've come to expect that from her. Our youngest has recently made some dramatic advances at school, and we've praised her. But the middle one says, "I always do that and you don't think I'm special!"

I really do think she's special. She's a lot like me and I'm afraid if I make too much of that, it will show. Of all our girls, the middle one is most like me physically. (I wish I had her hair, though!) She likes so many of the things I like.

Here's an example: Last year our pastor was preaching through Psalms. He asked for volunteers to illustrate all or part of the 23rd Psalm. I was all for giving it a try. So was she. I had seen a journal that she decorated the end papers of with angels, so I knew she was capable of this. Even so, I was amazed at her creation. She really captured the "at home" aspect of 'I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.'

Check out the details of the throne! She told me, "Jesus will be on that throne forever. He'll need to be comfortable." She's a very practical kid.

Here's my contribution to the 23rd Psalm art show:

I get intimidated by all that blank space. Since I am much more comfortable with words than I am with drawing, most of my artwork takes this form. I concentrated on the 'paths of righteousness' aspect. All the things that He is to us make up the way of righteousness.

Well, now I've given equal time to all the girls. I feel better.

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  1. You're daughter's talented, and so are you. Thanks for posting these.