Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Morning of Rain

I'm sitting in my office listening to the rain outside. It is such a nice sound. It surprised me this morning at home when I heard it. I walked past the closet housing all the utilities and heard it hitting the vent pipes. I didn't really trust what I was hearing, so I went out on the front porch to make sure. It was still dark, so I couldn't really see it, but I could feel it and hear it.

I had promised the girls that we'd get breakfast on the way to school (since we ran out of milk and I forgot to get some on the way home from church last night.) In the 12 miles between my house to the school, there is only one place to get anything to eat: Courtyard Lane. It's a convenience store, deli, gas station, tanning bed, public gathering place. For breakfast, you can get biscuits with bacon, link sausage, patty sausage, eggs, cheese (and probably anything else you like) and take it with you. They will make you a plate of breakfast if you want to stay there and eat. There is a regular crowd of guys that meet there almost every morning, but we were earlier than them this morning. It was a little cool in there for my youngest's comfort, so we took ours to the car. I moved over to the edge of the parking lot, so others wouldn't have to walk past us while we were eating.

It was fun, sitting in the car while it was still mostly dark outside, listening to the rain all around. There wasn't much conversation. They were eating and the rain was hard to talk over. My youngest, who hardly ever eats anything, polished off a man-sized biscuit with bacon. By that time, we saw a school bus go by, so my middle schooler said we could go now. You know, it is just not cool to be the first one at the middle school bus stop!

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