Friday, October 12, 2007

The Perfect Day

Today was one of those days I would like to keep forever. I was driving back from Jackson this afternoon and tried to take in every detail. It was perfect for every sense.

For the eyes, it was green tinted with gold, covered by cloudless blue. The temperature begged for the windows to be rolled down. Sometimes the sun would paint a distinct warm rectangle across my legs. Later in the day, when the sun was low enough to reach through the passenger window, I could feel it, like a warm hand. touching my neck and shoulder. Freshly harvested hay, burning leaves, and warm pine needles took turns to scent the air all afternoon. The only thing missing was a soundtrack. And then I found that, too: "Forever Autumn" came up in the music rotation.

The day could only have been better if my beloved had been with me, but I suspect I wouldn't have recognized the glory around me. It was simply heartbreakingly lovely. I want to paint it into my heart so that I can always find it again.

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  1. What a lovely blog. Thanks for posting this.