Monday, October 15, 2007

Some Pastors Are Just Cooler than Others

Our pastor left this morning for a few days out of town. If you see this man on a road somewhere in Mississippi, drive carefully. We want him back in the same condition that he was when he started!

You can see his blog here.


  1. That is cool. Reminds me of the pastor at our old church, before we moved down here. More power to him!

  2. mrs H. I love riding bikes... and I realized the reason WHY I LOVED IT SO MUCH.. it is because when you are on a bike.. EVERYONE LOOKS at YOU.... and me loving being the center of attention.. I WAS IN HEAVEN! I miss riding...dont miss the guy that was doing all the driving.. sure miss that bike! ha!
    I think i am going to have to email my pic that I want to put up to someone and have them put it on my blog.... I am such a bonehead sometimes!