Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Arrgggg! ye Mateys!

My eldest took care of L's hair for the "Pirates of the 'I Don't Care'-ibbean" musical Sunday night.

Sr. Mrs. H called me today and told me how into character L was that night. She was a pirate called Josie Batista.

The vest she is wearing was a Halloween costume M asked me to make a couple of years ago. She and her best friend picked out the material. She described it to me and sent me to Hobby Lobby to get it. IT WAS $19/YARD!!!! Well, at least we're getting our money's worth. I think the blouse belonged to one of my grandmothers. It has been in the girls' dress-up bag for years.

The large group picture is taken on the stage where we have music for VBS. The tropical VBS theme worked really well with the musical setting.

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