Sunday, June 1, 2008

Things I've Noticed

1. time seems to stand still while you're in a hospital: What day is it? Is it day or night?

2. every empty hospital room is an answered prayer for day we won't need hospitals because we will have been Wonderously Healed by the Great Physician.

3. When you go from a clear liquid diet to just a liquid diet, they include butter on your tray. I'm not sure if it goes in the soup or in the sherbet or maybe in the tea... (L would just eat it with her finger!)

4. A familiar face from home is a wonderful thing. Thanks, Ronnie, I loved the song about the big top tent.

5. Hospital gowns come in one size: 1 size fits none.

6. Daughters who are willing to fill in for a missing mom are a are friends who are willing to step into unfamiliar shoes. Thanks Andra and Kelsey.

7. I almost forgot: NURSES ARE BLESSINGS FROM THE LORD! thanks to Renee', Deanna, Pat, Ashley and all the ones whose names I don't know.

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