Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Looking Up and Other Things

Things are looking up for my mom. She's getting better every day.The doctor said so. Here's how I know: She got on the phone today to the guy that's been cutting her hair for over 30 years. She asked him to come to the hospital to cut her hair. And he said he'd try!

She'll probably be here at least the rest of the week. But the doctor seems to think she'll be at least as fine as she has been up until recently. If she's still in the hospital over the weekend, I'll try to go home and come back when she gets out. I know she'll need a bit of help for a little while when she's home.

My mom has always had problems finding veins in her arms. She tried to give blood once and they couldn't get any out. They have had to re-do her IV's everyday. Her poor little arms are various shades of blue, black and green, speckled with little red dots. Because she's been on a blood thinner to prevent possible clots, her skin is very fragile. When they took some tape off this morning, she started bleeding. I got some baby lotion to rub on her. The hospital lotion smelled really good, but I was afraid it would sting. Today, the doctor decided to put in a PICC line. It's a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter. It goes in at the bend in your arm and the tip ends up close to your heart. It can be used for delivering drugs and drawing blood and can stay in place for up to 6 months.

Dinner was just delivered. Tonight was pasta chicken salad. This has got to be the biggest plate of food I have ever seen on a tray! Honestly, there was enough food in just the salad to feed a family of 4! And that was just the entree'. Rutabaga (she ate all of it *yuck*), soup, au gratin potatoes, cobbler, roll and crackers with butter. What a spread!

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  1. That does not sound like any hospital food I have ever heard of... I hope it tastes o.k. although hospital food rarely taste good. I am so glad your Mom is getting better.