Thursday, June 26, 2008

Listen When He Speaks

I got a card in the mail today from a friend. In it, she said that the Lord had put me on her heart that day and that she had said a special prayer for me and my mom. I looked at the date: it was the 24th of June. That was the day I reached the limit of what I could do for my mom. That was the day she went to the hospital and was admitted to the ICU. That was the day that, if someone else hadn't been in charge, I don't think Mom would have made it.

What if my friend hadn't prayed especially for me and Mom that day? I don't want to know... don't want to think about the possibilities. The fact is, she did, and God heard her prayer. He sent a nurse to our house that day and she helped me get Mom into the car and to the hospital. He had a doctor waiting in the Emergency Room who ordered a test that showed just what the problem was. He had a surgeon there who was willing to look at things in a non-surgical way and suggest a different treatment. He took control of a situation that I had no control over...because one of His children listened to His call to lift up the name of a friend. There were probably lots of people praying for Mom and me that day. She is the one I know that did for certain. When the Lord puts someone in your head and heart, stop and pray for them right then. You don't know the power that you might be releasing for that person to draw on.

Mom is still in ICU. She looks very fragile. She speaks in a whisper. She is so weak. But she is still here, still missing her kitties, still worrying about my family and my brother. I hated to leave her there alone tonight. I know she is in good hands, but they are still strangers' hands.

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  1. Those little God whispers... I can't imagine ignoring them.