Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From the Treasure Box

These are some of the pictures from my grandmother's box. The first two are of Nell and Floyd Jackson, my dad's parents.

The picture of all the men has the husbands of 5 of the Leonard girls, my grandmother and her sisters. The youngest wasn't married yet, so her husband wasn't "in the picture" yet. The little boy is my dad, about age 3. The writing on the back of the picture says "at the park."

The pink picture is my mom and dad going to their prom in 1956.

And there's another picture of Floyd & Nell.

I think the last two are my favorites. The Bunny in Boots is my brother and I am Cinderella. I noticed I must be a German princess because of the necklace I'm wearing. I love this picture of my grandfather. Check out his collar. That look on his face never changed.

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