Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Almost February and Other Stuff

This year has been flying by. Sunday will be February already! Where has the time gone? I've been so busy since we got back from our Christmas vacation, I feel like I haven't taken time to breathe.

Several days ago, I read a post by our pastor called 4 Wonderful Surprises . I didn't read it that day but the following Monday or Tuesday. The day I read it, I got one of those notes he mentioned in #1. Thanks, Mel. You made my day!

Every quarter, Today in Mississippi, has a Picture This photo contest. For the 4th quarter of 2008, the theme was It's Great Being a Girl. My eldest submitted a picture of her 2 sisters and it was published. I submitted one of L on a field trip and L submitted one of her sister's birthday party. All 3 pictures were of girls in trees! (We thought we knew one of the girls in another picture, but it turned out to be a different Macy Thornton. The one in the picture even looks like our Macy!)

Yesterday I took M & L to the doctor. L had a sore throat and with strep running rampant in a nearby school district, I decided to do something to prevent it here. M woke up yesterday with her ear hurting after having the sniffles for a week. I called to see if M could come along on L's existing appointment and they said bring her.

Now they are both on a Z-pac (Zithromax) and M has something to take if the ear drum pressure gets too painful. Hopefully they will be feeling great by Friday, as Mr. H and I have a date night planned. We're cooking gumbo and staying home.

I'm ready for my days to slow down a bit.

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  1. Hope the girls get well. I loved the picture in Today.