Thursday, January 15, 2009

comfort zones

There is something about being able to see this much of the world at one time that makes me uncomfortable. It seems endless and exposed. This is so different from my usual view of the world, which is full of trees. In my world the trees play footsie with the road and sometimes hold hands over the road. My girls call that a tree tunnel. It feels almost like a tree blanket wrapped around you.

This location also is out of my comfort zone. Look at the size of that rock face! It is huge! All those buildings are snuggled up next to feet of the wall.

This place is incredible. It is the Painted Desert in Arizona. We were there very late in the day, so the shadows played a big part in the view we had. I think what took me out of my comfort zone here was the color. My world is usually green. Even in winter, the pines, live oaks, and magnolias are green. There is not much red in my world.

Traveling is a wonderful thing, but it makes arriving home all the sweeter.


  1. It's hard getting used to living in different sceanery. Though we don't live that far west in Texas, the view is very different from Mississippi. We have missed our trees!