Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting Warm > Being Warm

I learned something about myself yesterday.

First of all, let me tell you something I (and most of my friends) already know about me: I do not like being cold. I have a heater in my office (under my desk, actually) that is on from November through March. At home, where we have stained concrete floors, my bare feet don't touch the floor except during the hottest part of the summer. I have a microwavable heating pad that warms my side of the foot of our bed on really cold nights.

We had one of those really cold nights this week. I took a hot bath before going to bed because I was just freezing. I was nice and toasty warm while I was brushing my teeth. And then I thought about the warmer at the foot of the bed. I love the tingly feeling I get when that warmth finally touches my cold skin. But my feet were already warm.

I realized then that it wasn't actually HAVING warm feet that was so nice. It was putting the COLD feet in a WARM place that was so nice. So I took off my house shoes (unprecedented in January!!) and walked bare foot the short distance to our bed. It did the trick. My feet were cold when I got to the bed and I got that "Aaaahhhh..." feeling when they reached the warm spot at the end of the bed.

In the case of warmth, the journey is better than the destination.


  1. Just last weekend my Mom told me one of the things she was most grateful for was a warm bathroom. She has bad memories of having to go to the outhouse on cold nights and truly appreciates being able to just get up from bed and walk into her nice, toasty, heated bathroom.

    Funny how those little things can mean so much.

  2. One of the side affects of gastric bypass is you may become cold. I did. I actually like it though because I can now get out in August and work in the yard and it doesn't bother me. But I do have several throws for watching tv and an electric heater at work right under me.