Thursday, April 16, 2009

Agricola's Got Talent

(The above title was probably not what I was going to call this post but I just watched Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent and that's how my thoughts went...)

My El was in the paper this week with some of her friends. If my experience holds true for her, these will be the people she spends the most time with over the next 6 years.

In all, George County 6th graders (from Agricola Elementary, Benndale Elementary, Central Elementary, Lucedale Intermediate, and Rocky Creek Elementary) brought home 86 Superior medals from Solo & Ensemble contest. Wow!

I hope all these kids are encouraged to stay in band through Middle School and High School. They are learning skills (and not all of them musical) that they can exercise the rest of their lives: leadership, teamwork, time management, not to mention the music itself.

Good job, people. And a special thanks to Mr. Terry Slayter for all the miles he puts in!

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  1. Great job. I wish our school system did more to encourage music and band. We are a 4A school with a little tiny band.