Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a Great Hat!

Mr. H has a hat he got in Arizona several years ago. It is a crushable felt cowboy-style hat. He wears it in the winter and when his head might get wet, like yesterday. I took this picture last night, but against the dark night, it rather gets lost. Click here for a better look.

One of the first places we went was the bookstore on campus. Boy, was it crowded! The girls were looking for "cute hoodie sweatshirts" so he went to look around by himself. At some point I spotted him and noticed a squealing bunch of older teen girls headed in his general direction. I was thinking that he was about to be boxed in by this bunch, when I discovered that HE WAS their destination! I saw him have his picture taken with each of them and then the squealing bunch ran off somewhere else.

They were on a scavenger hunt and had to have their picture taken with a man in a cowboy hat and his was the only one I saw all day. It was about 15 seconds of fame!!

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