Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I've Learned So Far at Orange

Tonight Reggie Joiner spoke. He had a picture of a family: mom & dad & 2 kids, all smiling and hugging. That's the picture we all have of the perfect "church" family. But not every family fits that picture. Some are missing a mom or dad. Some have kids that are NOT smiling or are not even present. Some have an unexpected grandchild suddenly added to the picture. What do we do? We want to turn them into that perfect picture when we can't.

It's not about the picture.

It's about God's big story. Everyone is a part of that story. How can we (as the church) let them know about the story and then take their part in the story, no matter what their picture looks like.

And here's what hit me: What if my picture DOES look like that perfect family? What if I LOOK like the perfect church family, but I'm not telling God's story. What good is the picture if the story isn't there?

It's not about the picture: it's about God's big story. Do you know your part in it and are you telling it?

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