Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Meeting

According to Mr. H, this is the very spot in front of Patterson Hall where we were introduced for the first time (by his roommate, whom I was dating at the time!) I honestly don't remember the introduction. I do remember seeing this guy before I knew who he was.

We were both in the band at State. He was in the sax section and I was in the flute section. It was the Superman show, I think. A line of saxophones marched toward the 50 from the left, turned to the press box side right in front of a line of flutes and sousaphones, and we followed them across the field. The guy that turned directly in front of me was definitely noticeable. I followed him across that field in September of 1979 and, as far as I know, I've been following him ever since.


  1. what a cool story MrsH. I remember PD's and my first official meeting. He had a turkey neck because he had not shaven and I had washed my face so no makeup at all. He thought I looked like a Beagle. We were married seven months later. A week from Tuesday (the 12th) will be 25 years.

  2. Mrs. H, I knew you played the flute in the "Famous Maroon Band" but I didn't know your husband had as well. It's funny how your story is so close to mine. I first saw my husband to be while playing flute and he played...saxophone in the same band just a few years later. Thanks for sharing the story. MSRamona