Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday at last

As with most Saturdays, we were out the door running errands. First up: retrieve the television from the repair shop. While it has been nice and quiet the past several weeks, we haven't been able to watch movies. It is nice to be able to turn the news on tonight.

After we brought the TV in and hooked it up, we made our weekly trip to Lowe's. Driving across the spillway at Big Creek Lake, we saw this up ahead of us. Tell me when was the last time you saw one of these on the road?

I felt like a stalker, trailing them with my camera. It ran very quietly and had at least 5 people in it. Reminded me of the movie "Cars."

At Lowe's, we bought a new, all glass, storm door. We've been meaning to get one for a while, and finally did it today. The solid door was stained with a gel stain that has not held up well. Last week we bought paint (red-called Burning Bush), but realized that it would be easier to do with the door open, but didn't want the cats escaping or the dog coming in. I think I'll wait until the new paint is on to post a picture of the door.

In hanging the door, Mr. H discovered that the strike plate of the door needed shimming and called for a 2nd trip to Lowe's. Em went with him and I sat on the front porch reading. The basket of flowers at that end of the porch has a nest in it. Actually the other one has a nest with 2 eggs in it now, but the one close to where I was sitting has 4 noisy babies in it. I think the parents are trying to get the babies to fly. I saw lots of flapping among those flowers this afternoon. The mom and the dad kept perching on the chain and the basket hook which made the babies chirp in chorus. I had to move very slowly to get this picture of the mom. The dad was more cautious and I never could get his picture.

I leveled the birdbath this afternoon, too. This bluebird liked the fresh water I added. I keep hoping for an indigo bunting to show up (notice the thistle seed sock hanging next to the bird feeder), but no luck so far.

This last picture is about the extent of my gardening ability. I planted these flowers yesterday in this old pot we had. They are still alive today and that's all I can ask!!

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