Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Different Age

All of my girls have digital cameras. Even the 11 year old. And they take a lot of pictures. This was brought home to me recently as I was looking at FaceBook. A large percentage of the old pictures (from high school and college days) of my friends are formal pictures: group shots of certain clubs, bands, choirs, etc. Not so with my children's pictures. They are taken everywhere. And not only are they taken everywhere, they don't have to be taken anywhere to be visible. They are instantly available on the camera itself and shortly thereafter are on a computer, in a digital frame, and only occaisionaly on paper.

I remember waiting 2 weeks for pictures to come back when I was a kid. When same day development became available, we were thrilled. Some of the options today just blow me away. Last summer, I missed seeing El in a pirate musical when I was out of town with my mom. The eldest took some pictures, uploaded them to an online site for 1-hour prints to be printed at a store just around the corner from the hospital. I went to pick them up and was able to frame one for Mom to set on her bed tray in just over an hour. Wow!

I also love the fact that if a picture is bad, out of focus, has unflattering expressions, or whatever, you can just delete that sucker and never have to have it floating around in an envelope of pictures. And getting prints of the 5 or 6 pictures that you really want is ever so much more economical than printing all 28 or 36 on a roll of film, only to find that none are exactly what you wanted.

Our kids don't know how good they have it!!


  1. Technology. Amazing.
    And today's kids never had to WALK to the tv to change the channel either. Man, we had it soooo bad back then. ;)