Sunday, May 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

As if being away from my girls for 3 days while at Orange in Atlanta wasn't enough, Mr. H and I went to New Orleans yesterday. We do have some really nice sounding (and looking, but with speakers, that's not the point) and I got to spend the day with my beloved. But the eldest is home and I had only spoken a few words to her.

So last night was family time. She wanted to play Phase 10. Em hates Phase 10, but we bullied her into it. El was not interested and we learned the last time we played Risk: family rule #7--Do NOT force El to play a game she doesn't want to play (she won't have fun and neither will you!) She'll stay in here with us, entertaining us while we play, it'll be fine. So we played Phase 10 and El entertained us with Wii air guitar while we played and listened to (as Em called it) that awful 70's music (Tubular Bells, Pink Floyd, and Van Halen) I do believe El likes Van Halen now that she has played guitar with them!

Em and the eldest decided at some point during the game that each hand needed a different accent. They started with British, then Australian, but the Swedish turned into something else and the ended up playing the rest of the game speaking Ubbi Dubbi. It was quite entertaining!!

And .....Em, who hates Phase 10 ended up winning! It was a great night all around.

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