Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Life at Large

I took some pictures today and downloaded a bunch that I'd taken recently.

This is Mrs. Mac's office. She's our new secretary. This is what happens at churches in the summer. When stuff is happening, you need stuff. This particular stuff is VBS T-shirts. Mark's office looked worse than this a few weeks ago. But he and M-2 packed it all up in Rubbermaid tubs and stashed it somewhere.

The following creation was put together on the spur of the moment this afternoon. M-2 was going to redo the bulletin board, so Mark decided to give her a head start. He took all the old stuff off, and pinned up 2 funny pictures he had printed out. Well, the rest of us on the hall couldn't resist the invitation to make a contribution. The guitar stand was put up by our maintenance guru. Bro. Sparky added the Kleenix. The colored tissue paper I found in my desk and the origami elephant was left over from mentoring.

Here's a close-up of the mouse and the elephant. Under the mouse it says "The helmet doesn't help if it cuts your head off."

Here's the buffalo that joined us for dinner Thursday night. We'll call him Ted.

Saturday, Mr. H and I went to New Orleans to see a friend. When we got back, El had new furniture on the fort. She and her buddy Al had built, painted, and decorated a bench.

Here's a close-up of El's end of the bench.

Today while I was fixing dinner, I looked out the kitchen window and saw them toting a table across the yard. They are so proud that they can sit on the bench and the table is tall enough. They told me they measured. I told them that was pretty smart. Al told me her dad told them what to do. I told them it was pretty smart to listen to someone who knew what to do!

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