Saturday, May 30, 2009

Knight in Shining Armor

It's not often that your knight in shining armor is actually a blond in a turquoise sundress, but today was one of those days.

Mr. H and I were heading home from our anniversary trip to Natchez, thinking we'd arrive around 2:30- -just in time for coffee. We were just about a mile west of the Chickasawhay River, when the rear tire went flat. In a car that's not so scary, but on a bike traveling over 65 m.p.h. it's an experience!! Mr. H saved us and got us over to the side of the road unscathed.

Motorcycles don't carry spares or tire changing equipment on board, either. So we called home and asked for help. We've got a truck and we've got a trailer, so Mr. H talked the eldest through hooking it up and what to bring. She came through like a champ, or knight, I should say. She fought with the trailer hitch and braved the rat-sighting in the shop to get the tie-downs.

Within 45 minutes she arrived on the scene, assisted with loading the bike on the trailer in the hot sun and in general saved the day. And she never said a cross word or looked put out. She's now right up there with her dad as "Hero of the Day."


  1. oh my, that would have been scarry. Glad the daughter came through. Cell phones are a wonderful thing to have.

  2. What a wonderful knight she is!!

  3. They do absorb our teachings, MrsH...
    Sometimes it takes a while to reveal itself, but your experience proves it.
    Glad you're both home and safe, and
    hope the bike didn't get much damage.

  4. A nice ending to a scary situation. Glad all of you are safely home.