Monday, February 15, 2010

A Name

Last night in church, I did something I don't usually do. I sat in the congregation with my husband for the entire service. Even if I'm not singing in a service, he us usually on the platform as part of the praise band. Since we spent the afternoon with his mom in Ocean Springs, we got to the church right at 6 p.m. and missed the rehearsal.

The funniest part of the afternoon was when Em noticed the time at 3:45 and realized that she was going to miss Bible Drills. She proceeded to ask every 10 minutes if we could leave, and when the answer was "No", gave us dirty looks designed to intimidate us into yielding to her will. Whereas most grandmothers would be disappointed to hear that their granddaughters were in such a hurry to leave, this particular grandmother was pleased to note that this granddaughter was so anxious to get to church. I'm not sure if was the service or the fellowship that was so attractive, but it does show me that the closest friends of my daughter also are her brothers and sisters.

The message was centered around Ephesians 5:15-16. At one point in the service, Dr. T pointed out that within 50 years (or certainly in 75 years) there won't be anyone living who really remembers us. He said something to the effect that .... 'the only One Who has changed the world in a lasting way is......' and the congregation replied "Jesus." I have heard that Name spoken many times, in church and out, by individuals and by crowds. But there was something about that Name last night that caught me off guard. Maybe it was the mix of voices, maybe it was because it was unrehearsed and not coerced. It just came out. I could feel it lingering in the air. I think that was the first time I ever had a glimpse of the power of simply .... the Name.

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