Friday, February 5, 2010

School Announcements

The George County Middle School has a really nice method of getting announcements out to the parents. I get recorded phone calls and text messages on a regular basis concerning weather-related cancellations of after school activities. Somtimes the phone messages are recorded by one of the principals and sometimes they are generated by a text-to-voice program.

I got one of those messages yesterday concerning the semi-formal dance tonight (no tennis shoes or jeans allowed) and a special dress code allowance for today (Saints shirts or black and/or gold shirts are allowed in honor of the Saints appearance in the Big Game). What I find odd about the voice message is that it was one of the text to voice messages. Someone typed the message and it was converted to human speech by a computer. The result is sometimes amusing pronunciation. That was definitely the case last night. The last bit of the message delivered in the tinny, stilted, female computer-generated voice was "Have a great night! Go Saints! Who Dat!"

I hung up the phone laughing. Even the school computer is a Saints fan, she's just not getting emotional about it.

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