Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sigr's New Name

My car has a new nickname: the Deer Slayer!

On our way to church Saturday night for the DiscipleNow gathering, we were hit by a deer. She came out of nowhere and slammed into the driver's side of the car. Thankfully, we are fine, the car still drives wonderfully, and the guys behind us (the students staying at our house) were able to merely witness and not take an active part in the encounter.

The front quarter panel and both doors have damage, but none affecting performance or drivability.

As soon as we arrived at the church, Em was in the parking lot asking if we were okay. It took me a minute to realize how she knew before we even got there. I had forgotten for a moment how connected" her generation is. The guys behind us were friends of hers. They either called or sent a text to her within seconds of the impact. She essentially knew about it the very moment we did! The world is getting smaller every day.

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  1. Yikes! Glad it wasn't any worse. I've had two collisions with deer. They can do some damage.