Friday, March 13, 2009

Baking Time

Why am I always taking bread out of the oven after 11 pm?

I need to change my baking time. The thing is, it takes time, and the only time I've had lately has been after 6. And there are several long intervals when you're waiting for stuff to rise.

I do think I've made all the major changes to this recipe that I'm going to make. The original didn't have enough salt. And the baking time was too long at too high a temperature. And it needed a bit of oil added so it would brown.

Here are some things I've learned:
  • Take the starter out of the refrigerator right when you get home from work. (cold starter isn't going to work as well)
  • Feed the starter before bedtime, which gives it all night to do its stuff. (some things just can't be rushed)
  • This SHOULD have you baking some time the next morning. (if you are free the next morning)
  • If you don't add enough flour, a free-form loaf (one without a pan around it) will spread rather than rise.
  • Homemade bread is habit forming! (which is why I'm up writing this while waiting for the timer to tell me to take it out of the oven and then go to bed)

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