Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Power Desk

Yesterday when I stopped by Wal-Mart, I remembered to get some batteries to put in my desk drawer at work. El asked what they were for. I told her they were to go in my desk.

"You have a battery operated desk? What does it do?" she asked.

She is such a literal child. I had to laugh. She has seen this desk on a very regular basis for 8 years now. The desk itself is probably close to 20 years old. It doesn't DO anything. It has 2 drawers, the upper of which holds stamps, staples, spare glasses, a bottle of hand lotion and (usually) spare batteries for anything that might run on batteries around here: most likely wireless mice and remote controls.

Mark came in earlier this week and got the last 2 batteries (and told me he was taking the last ones :) I love that in a person), so I knew that we were out.

What would a battery operated desk do anyway? Clean itself off...nah, I'd never find anything.

1 comment:

  1. I wish I had a battery operated desk that would shock the mice when they set foot on it. They apparently had a party on here last night.