Thursday, March 19, 2009

Train of Thought

This morning, my eldest and I were talking about google maps. She likes the satellite view, but thinks the street view is a bit stalkerish. I have used the street view before. I couldn't remember the name of a restaurant in Cincinnati, but I did recall the name of the art gallery next door. I found the street address of the gallery, looked it up on google maps, and then pulled up the street view. I moved along the street until I was in front of the restaurant and could read the sign. Pretty cool, huh!

When the street view photography was done of Mr. H's mom's house, we were visiting, because our car is parked in the driveway!

Anyway, we were talking about the different areas that have clear satellite images and those that don't. Our house, which is out in the boonies, has a clear enough image (1 in. = 50 m) to pick out our propane tank and tell where the grass is beaten down for our driveway. The church, however, which is on a state highway, doesn't get anywhere near that close (1 in = 800 m.) That lead us to wild speculation as to why.

Is something going on out our way that they are keeping an eye on? Maybe it's the other way around: something is going on in the area around the church that they don't want anyone else to know about! You know: black ops, that sort of thing. Like maybe that explains why the carpet is getting bleached spots in the atrium: chemical weapons testing! And maybe not everyone that works at the church is who they say they are! Maybe the least likely person is really a government agent. You know: a really DANGEROUS individual like Jack Bauer, who can disarm nuclear weapons and defy death, in general. Maybe when this person says they are going on a hunting trip, they are really traveling to Prague to hunt international terrorists.

Don't you think a rural church staff employee would be the perfect cover for a spy? It just opens up so many possibilities. I'll never think of our church custodian quite the same way again, all because google maps doesn't have a clear image of the church.


  1. Ok. Ok. I'm not really an equipping pastor. I have been undercover for the past 6 years, and my cover is now blown. I will now have to stop pretending to be someone that I'm not. Great post.

  2. You are crazy! I am sure that this post is now being "checked out" by someone. HAHA. I, by the way, can account for all the stains in the children's dept. I love your imagination.


  3. LOL! Great imagination! Wait, does that mean since I can't zoom in on my property that they think something is going on there?!? Now I'm paranoid.

  4. Everyone should listen to Jack...he's always right.