Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Sad Question

I was asked a question today that startled me.

A lady came by our church office and in the course of our conversation, told me that they were in the process of adopting a child. They had been attending another church in the county but were interested in ABC.

Then came the question: "Did we allow...?"
She stopped and didn't finish the question that way, but wanted to know if a mixed race child would cause a problem here. I assured her that their child would be welcome. There are other kids at ABC of mixed heritage.

After she left, I thought about the question and the concerns behind it. Are there people in our church who would not welcome this family? None come to mind, but I am a newcomer here. And what kind of people are we if we would turn a family away because of what their child looked like? And if I saw that happen, what would I do? Shake my head and inwardly scold the church member who did the rejecting? Or would I have the courage to confront them with what I really felt about that attitude? Would it matter if the member could influence my job security?

My reality was shaken by an honest question posed by a concerned parent. My heart ached to think that some people might stay outside our doors for fear of us. What does that say about our relationship with the Creator of ALL?

Heavenly Father, help me show Your love to all Your children, not just the ones that look and live like me. Forgive me for not loving.


  1. God bless you. I've seen things like this happen, sadly. When I was a young girl, I brought my best friend to church with me, and was shocked when no one spoke to her or made her feel welcome. I didn't care that she was african-american: but apparently, my church did. I left that church shortly thereafter. They weren't the people I had thought they were.

  2. As I say - there are two kinds of people in God's eyes - those who have received Him as Lord - and those who have yet to do so. He died for them all (us too!) Any other distinction used to determine fellowship and friendship is of our doing!

    May we be more concerned about the heart than the skin!!!

  3. It is so sad that question EVER has to be asked about a body of believers who claim Christ as their Lord. I pray this family becomes part of our ABC family & is welcomed with open arms.