Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Girls' Weekend

This weekend I'm going to do something that I don't think any of my 3 daughters would do: drive to a virtual stranger's house then ride with her and her sister to pick up her daughter and ride for 4 more hours. But by the time we get there, I bet we won't be strangers anymore!

A month or so ago, my eldest asked me if I was interested in attending a Women of Faith Conference in Shreveport. I have been to one other many years ago and really enjoyed it. I jumped on the chance to go again. In addition to the 2 of us, the group will include my daughter's best buddy and her mom (who is a friend of mine and the sole reason I have the job I have) and sister, 2 of the mom's sisters and one of their daughters. I have met the sister whose house I'll be driving to (and her daughter), but only once, I think, and that was probably 10 years ago.

So much of what I do is aimed at kids: mine and other people's. This will be a chance to gather, on a small scale and a large scale, with other adult women. I can't wait!