Sunday, March 8, 2009

Music Travels

This is Mr. H on a typical Sunday evening. He plays alto sax with our church band. There is also a piano, keyboard, bass, guitar, and drums. I sing with a few others.

Pretty soon, a new instrument will join the group: Mr. H's new EWI. Here he is practicing Saturday afternoon. He's wearing headphones so he won't disturb the rest of the house. The night before, he was plugged into that Fender amp down by his feet. (If you're wondering what he's looking at while practicing, it's a basketball game on TV!)

He left this morning headed for Los Angeles: a week of living in a hotel with not much to do in the evenings.

Solution: take the EWI and practice.

Problem: It was shipped in a cardboard box which, once opened, looses some of its ability to protect the contents.

Solution: Make a case. Every instrument we have has a case. Even all those little flutes and whistles we play have a carrying case made by me. So he made a case.

After an early morning trip to Lowe's for supplies, here it is:

It's 4-inch PVC with a permanent cap at the bottom and a removable cap at the top. He put eye hooks on the side and attached the shoulder strap that originally came on his sax case. It's painted a nice glossy black.

I love the warning on the red end: Stand clear when in use.

I just hope the guards at the airport don't think it's a pipe bomb when he goes through the security gate. He may just have to pull it out and prove that it's a musical instrument. I can just see it: Mr. H jamming away, the guard (wearing the headphones, of course, because that's the only way to hear it without an amplifier) swaying to the music, and no one else can figure out why those two are smiling.

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