Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gifts from Cotton

If you arrived at this site from a Google search for cotton products, you'll have to look somewhere else. Wrong Cotton, wrong kind of gift.

This is our dog, Cotton. When we first got her, she was a little white fuzzball. Mr. H wanted to name her Fang. The girls were horrified and refused. I think Cotton was his next choice and they liked that one. So, Cotton it is. She's about 6 years old now.

She likes to bring us things. We have a white bath towel that she brought us. I guess she thought it would match the ones we already had. One year, we hosted the 9th & 10th grade girls at our house for Disciple Now. At some point during the night, one girl stepped out onto the front porch. She put her foot on a rabbit Cotton had provided for us. Every hunting season, she brings us a deer skin. I guess hunters leave parts behind, so she collects them. We have received little kids' shoes and stuffed animals from her, too.

Most of her gifts end up in the garbage can (or buried in the back yard). However, this week she brought us a gift that went into the dishwasher and then the cabinet. It was a pretty bowl with apples painted on it.

I don't know where she finds these things. I guess I really don't know ABSOLUTELY CERTAINLY that it is Cotton bringing these things to our yard. I've never seen her actually toting them, but I think it's a safe assumption. Unlike the ENORMOUS Great Bernard next door, who habitually walks around her yard with her bowl in her mouth, Cotton doesn't carry things around. I would suspect that other dog, but she's new to the neighborhood and the gifts have been arriving for a long time. So, where ever they come from, I've kept just a few of the gifts from Cotton. But if you're a neighbor of mine and are missing a white towel and this bowl, come on by and pick them up. . . but they may be in the washing machine or the dishwasher, because they get used on a regular basis.

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  1. We have a cat. She has never brought us anything as close as cute to that bowl. I don't even want to mention her "gifts"!