Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How Time Flies!

Reading Marshall's post about the face in the rearview mirror reminded me of this book I made for a friend a little over 2 years ago. The baby had her 2nd birthday 3 months ago and can sing and dance on her own. Big brother will finish 1st grade on Friday and earned over $200 for our church Building Fund by operating his own lemonade stand for a couple of months.


  1. Those are my precious children. The book is priceless. So is our friendship. And you made me sit here in my office and think about how grateful I am for both of them. The last page especially, because Micah and Malaree love each other waaaay more than most brothers and sisters do. I'll take my son to 1st grade for the last time tomorrow. Yes...I'm a little sentimental. And yes, what Marshall wrote resonates in many of us.

    Micah and I have a very short commute. We usually jam out to a song every morning (Feelin' so Fly by TobyMac right now). However, we always tell each other "I love you", before he gets out of the car. And after he gets out of the car, he always takes 2 steps, turns around and waves to me. He's not ashamed of his daddy. Even if a teacher is in the way, he makes sure he waves. One day, I'm sure, that will end. But for now, I will take in each wave he has for me.

  2. What a precious book! I'm sure it will be treasured for a lifetime.

  3. I love this book very much. It is one of the most precious things ever given to me. One obvious reason is because it is about my children. The second reason is because a dear friend took so much time and energy to use her talent is such a memorable way. The fact that someone cares that much for us is amazing to me.
    I love my children. And I love the fact that others love them too. I am blessed beyond measure to have so many wonderful examples for my children to follow literally in my own back yard. Thank you Misty for this precious gift.

  4. Thanks. It was my pleasure. I have the first one I made (when Emma was born) and I still pull it out every now and then.