Sunday, May 25, 2008

L's Highly Improbable Scenarios

Our youngest daughter, L, is always coming up with "what if..." questions. And they are so odd! We call them her Highly Improbable Scenarios. Tonight, when we got home from church, we were watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Out of the blue, she asks, "What if we lived in a garbage bag?"

Mr. H loves these questions. My response was that it would have to be one of those stretchy ones that you could put a piano or a rhinoceros in. Mr. H said it sounded like a Monty Python skit and he was off in his best British accent: "When I was young, we were so poor we lived in a garbage bag . . . in the middle of the road. My dad would wake us up 2 hours before we went to bed to lick the pavement . . ." That got lots of "Eeewwws!" He can quote whole skits from memory: the penquin on the television, the busy day burying the cat. It's amazing what he spent his youth memorizing!

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  1. And they say television isn't educational!!