Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pre VBS Week

This week our church is transforming into a Hawaiian adventure.
It's a painful process to observe. Lots of areas look like this:
boxes of stuff laying everywhere... parts of things, partially done...

This is the Fellowship Hall, right outside my office. All the kids will come through here after recreation to have their snack. It's starting to take on a tropical atmosphere...note the grass roof and the blue water.

These are palm leaves that will be everywhere. Aren't you glad that God didn't do it this way!

This is the room where all the crafts will be created.

This little area is an oasis of calm in the surrounding chaos.

This Tiki Bar is in our preschool area.

The outrigger is in the foyer of the church along with this little hut.

This water fall is in our atrium. It's made entirely of paper.


  1. It all looks so awesome! So creative.

    To think... God just said it and it appeared.

  2. I'm hoping I don't miss it. My mom is in the hospital in Brandon. I'm headed there Friday and VBS starts Monday. A young friend is going to do the music class for me. I hope to come relieve her by Wednesday. We have a block party for Family Night on Wednesday.