Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Mr. H and I are fixing some things on the old '94 BMW so I can use it as my daily driver. It gets much better mileage than the windstar. It's got a new windshield and inspection sticker, fresh oil, freshly vacuumed carpet, and soon the passenger seat will pop forward to let the back seat riders out.

We went to see "Prince Caspian" at noon today. We really liked it. M was camping with a friend, so she didn't get to come. I'm glad she opted for the friend over a movie: much more important. While we were out we stopped in at Lowe's to get some replacement bulbs for our under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. They sell the lights that say "replaceable bulbs" on the package, but not the replacement bulbs themselves. I hate it when that happens. I have a toothbrush like that. It's a battery powered spinning thing with replaceable brush end, but Wal-Mart went for a year and a half without carrying the replacements. Luckily, I kept it anyway, and noticed 2 weeks ago that they had them in. I'm hoping Lowe's will order some bulbs. Otherwise, it's online purchasing, here I come.

That's about all for this weekend. Mr. H doesn't get Memorial Day off, so we don't have any big plans. However, the 29th is our 26th anniversary! No definite plans, yet, but we'll see. We usually celebrate more for the anniversary of our first date (12/01/79) than we do our wedding anniversary. I'm not sure why.....yes, I am. It's all those birthdays and Mother's Day in May. In December, there's ONLY Christmas!

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  1. LOVED Prince Caspian with one exception... it lasted longer than my bladder!!