Friday, May 9, 2008

Party, Projects, and POSSIBILITIES

Yesterday was one of those days that could have just...well, it could have eaten me alive. L's birthday party was right after school at the skating rink in town. I knew I was going to have to stop by Wal-Mart and pick up the big cookie-cake. And I knew that I was picking up 3 extra girls at school that were coming with me. And I knew that after the party I had to be a the high school to help judge senior projects (a new experience for me). Most times that I have days that are scheduled like that, I am stressed. When I'm stressed, I am extremely unpleasant to be around! I think I figured a way around it this time, though. I just ignored things until they happened. I had done the ordering, made the invitations, gotten plates and cups, etc. When I marked something off the list, I forgot about it.

The party was a blast! Her good friends came to have a good time at L's party. The CD that Mark put together to play was excellent. Mr. H strapped on some roller blades! The 5 pizzas were completely consumed! Our eldest was there with her boyfriend. Everyone's designated adult came to get them right after they did the "Cha Cha Slide." (I thought for a bit that I was going to get to keep one little boy, but his mom got there just on time.) I still had plenty of time to get to the high school for the senior project presentations.

I was familiar with the process of putting the projects together. Our eldest had done one last year on chemical photography. But the judging of the oral presentation was new to me. There are 4 judges in a room. The senior, dressed for a formal presentation, comes in and introduces him or herself and then explains their project: why they chose it, what they learned, what they would have done differently, what worked and didn't work. Then they take questions from the judges. There was one young man who did his project on weight lifting. He was incredibly shy, but as he talked, he became more animated. After he left, one of the other judges told us how impressed he was by this presentation. This judge was a coach at the high school. He taught this young man as a freshman. He said that 4 years ago, this child would NEVER have been able to stand and speak to an audience. He was so proud of this kid! When you hear where someone has come from, it makes a big difference in how you view where he is now. It was neat to be a part of something so significant in the lives of these kids on the threshold of their adult lives.

Now for the POSSIBILITIES!!!! Mark and Dr. T got called to the principal's office yesterday. Our local elementary school principal called them to set up the appointment. When they got back to the church, they were so excited. We have a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in some families' lives next year. I can't wait to see how this is going to turn out! I'm sure that Mark and Dr. T will be saying more about it in the days and weeks ahead. This is just absolute proof to me that God will bless our efforts to build relationships in our communities. OOOO00000! I can't wait ......

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  1. I hope you and L had a great birthday. Tell L happy birthday from Tennessee.

    That is so awesome about what you are getting to do at school. I'm so thankful when I see the local chuch not give up on public schools. They need our involvement. God will open some doors I'm sure.