Monday, October 20, 2008

George County Fair

The George County fair came to town last week. Since we moved to George County 11 years ago, I have been 11 times and Mr. H has been......*drum roll*......once. Most of those years, he has been out of state. I have always suspected that he planned these business trips for that particular week on purpose, but if I don't know it's coming 'til it gets here, I don't think he does either. I love the picture above. L is the one in the middle. The other 2 girls are friends of hers whose dads work with me.

The shot below is my crew on the Gee-Wiz. M & L both brought friends. M's buddy is in the orange shirt. M has the exact same shirt at home, because they bought them together for "twin day" last week. L's buddy is on the other side of M.
As the girls were wandering around, we spotted another kid from our church. He stayed with us for most of the evening. He is a joy to be around. His folks have done a great job teaching him to be a gentleman. I don't really know the girl in the non-maroon shirt other than she is in L's buddy's class at school.

Here are the 4 of them in the Tilt-a-Whirl.


  1. The first picture looks like the movie "The Ring" after they've watched the video.

  2. good pictures! Looks like they had fun :)

  3. Neat pics!

    Ooh, and I see someone from Hong Kong read your blog!!!